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Used & Refurbished Cleaning Machinery

Cleaning Machinery |  Used & Refurbished Cleaning Machinery

Be careful when you "think" you are buying a refurbished scrubber drier or sweeper...

Here is a brief guide to refurbished machines, what you need to know and what you should be looking for!
The term "refurb" is too often, too loosely used and to be honest there are a lot of sub-standard machines being sold in the market place and a lot of mis-leading information being put forward when it comes to the sale of scrubber dryers and sweepers. Working in your best interests we set you the challenge when looking at other supplier's machines to ask the question:

"What are they able to confirm IN WRITING has been refurbished or replaced on their machine."

If they are not prepared to put this down in writing and they can't offer anything to substantiate that the machine has been refurbished then it is not a refurb.

We stand by the information we provide SMS customers are welcome to question us on any of the details we provide and also see the machines in action. Our definition of refurbishment is that the six main items on a machine MINIMUM should either be replaced or overhauled as follows:

  • New Battery Pack is a must
  • Drive/Drive Wheel Assembly
  • Scrub Deck
  • Lifting Gear Actuators (scrub deck/suction bar)
  • Mechanicals inc wheel bearings/steering etc.
  • Electrics
As you will see below, each of our refurbished machines have an itemised list of what has been replaced and given a realistic grading, all of which we are happy to confirm in writing. All batteries in our refurbished machines are brand new with warranty (unless otherwise specified).

Nilfisk BR850S 810mm Disc Ride on Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk BR850S 810mm Disc Ride on Scrubber Dryer

The Nilfisk BR850S has long been renowned for its reliability and working performance and we are pleased to offer this A-Grade fully refurbished model as a cost effective alternative to a brand new machine. NOT to be compared with your average refurb - this scrubber dryer is mechanically A-Grade and will scrub and recover as well as a brand new machine - fact, and even has a 12 month warranty too for added peace of mind.


  • New set of batteries & charger
  • New main touch control board with only test hours on the clock
  • New drive wheel/gear box assembly
  • New drive tyre & new swivel bearings
  • New rear wheels & rear wheel bearings on axles
  • Fully refurbished brush motor with new carbon brushes, bearings & 2 x new brush drive gear boxes
  • New vacuum motor
  • New gaskets and seals
  • New hoses (all)
  • New thermoids (x 4 complete)
  • New set of poly brushes
  • New seat (upgraded version for operator comfort)
  • Fully refurbished suction bar with all new running gear, new suction blades, roller wheels etc.
  • New lifting gear squeegee linkage
  • Electrical wiring re-terminated and tested
  • 12 month warranty

Tennant 5680 800mm Disc FaST Scrubber Dryer:  A- Grade

Tennant 5680 800mm Disc FaST Scrubber Dryer: A- Grade

This 5680 scrubber dryer has been fully refurbished to an extremly high standard allowing us to confidently grade it at A-. As with the 5680 scrubber listed above, this too has had a new hour meter on the basis that all major running gear has been replaced or refurbished. The FaST dosing system enables you to increase productivity by as much as 30% and use 70% less water and 90% less detergent than conventional scrubbing, however you do have the option to use the machine as a conventional scrubber dryer if preferred.

You will find some marks on the tanks however we can assure customers that both tanks have been thoroughly tested and found to be leak free and sound.

MECHANICAL: A GRADE (see details of mechanical work in bullets below:)

  • 6 x New Heavy Duty monoblock batteries
  • New Vacuum Motor
  • 2 x Fully refurbished Brush Motors with New Bearings & Carbon Brushes
  • Fully refurbished Suction Bar with New Blades & Adjusters
  • New Tank Seals/Vac Seals
  • New Dirty/Clean Drain Hoses
  • New Front Drive Pneumatic Tyres with puncture proof infill
  • New Rear Castors
  • New Vac Filter
  • Fully refurbished FaST system with New Chemical Filters & Air Pump Filter
  • New Ignition Barrell
  • New Emergency Stop Button
  • New Hour Meter fitted to correspond with refurbishment
  • Used battery charger - PAT tested to IEE code of practice standards
  • New Set of Poly Brushes (upgrades available if required)
  • 6 Month Warranty
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Cleaning Machinery |  Used & Refurbished Cleaning Machinery