Buffers & Burnishers

Single disc machines, such as a Nilfisk Buffer, are a compact solution to cleaning a variety of floor surfaces. Buffers or single disc machines, as they are often referred to, are commonly seen in commercial establishments such as hospitals, schools and hotel reception areas as they are a cost efficient way to clean and polish floors quickly, using the familiar side-to-side swinging action. The SMS range incorporates a selection of low, high, and dual speed options, so that customers can tailor a model to their particular floor cleaning needs.

Low Speed Buffers: Low speed single disc machines are perfect for wet scrubbing, and cleaning of hard floors. The low rpm lends itself to a scrubbing action using either a brush or pad to lift dirt and grime with ease. When used with an appropriate pad, low speed machines can also be used to strip hard floors.

If carrying out a wet scrub, you may wish to also consider a commercial wet & dry vacuum to effectively recover left over residue from the scrubbing/cleaning process.

High Speed Buffers: High speed single disc machines such as the reputable Viper and Nilfisk buffer options, are excellent for polishing floor surfaces as well as routine spray cleaning. High speed buffers are good for maintaining a current level of shine on a floor surface using an rpm of around 400, however if your objective is to restore a floor’s shine then you may want to consider using a Burnisher which operates at a much higher speed, in a straight forward/reverse motion and as a result delivers a high gloss shine more quickly. Buffers and burnishers are not the same thing.

Dual Speed Buffers: Two speed single disc machines operate at low and high rpm providing additional versatility in a single unit. Combining the ability to scrub and buff as well as spray clean, strip and polish, users can easily and cost effectively maintain a wide range of hard floor types using a single piece of equipment.

The Viper and Nilfisk Buffer models in our range are designed for medium duty use in commercial environments. They are durable and well made with good balance to ensure ease of use and operator comfort. As well as the single disc machines themselves, we also supply a comprehensive range of cleaning pads and brushes suitable for a range of floor types; please contact us via our spare parts page if you would like a quote for any buffer pads, pad drives, or brushes, as these are wear and tear items and do need to be replaced periodically.

Buffer pads are colour coded to indicate the level of aggressiveness they deliver; a general rule of thumb is light to dark with the lightest pads i.e. white being the least aggressive (lending themselves to polishing), moving through to black which are the most aggressive and should be used with caution to avoid causing damage to your floors. Red pads are a good middle ground for general cleaning in many environments. If you have had a specific floor surface laid in your facility, the manufacturers/suppliers of the flooring will most likely have recommendations as to the correct pad or brush to use on their floor surfaces.

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