Grounds Maintenance Equipment

SMS supply a range of grounds maintenance equipment to help customers manage and maintain large outdoor spaces. Our site includes some of the most commonly sought after litter and leaf collectors, however, we can also supply other grounds maintenance equipment such as leaf blower/vacuums, utility machines, hedge trimmers, trolley hand carts, and more, so if you have a specific requirement that you cannot see on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if it is something that we can help you with.

Leaf collectors and litter vacuums are very effective tools for municipal facilities, schools, colleges, and university campus’ as well as other commercial premises with large grounds that need to be maintained, such as car park areas or lunchtime leisure facilities. Leaf and litter Vacuums such as the Billy Goat KV series are also commonly used for sports facilities such as outdoor tennis courts.

In line with these are our utility machines which are larger pieces of equipment with various attachments that can be interchanged, depending on the task in hand. For example, the base machine is usually petrol or diesel and remains constant, then attachments might include any of the following: road sweeper brushes, snow plough, lawn mower, hedge trimmer, gravel spreader, to name but a few. These are more commonly used by large facilities such as leisure centres, municipal grounds, hospitals, and large private estates.

If you have any specific grounds maintenance equipment needs, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our team will be happy discuss possible suitable solutions from within our range.