Litter/Leaf collectors

SMS supplies a wide range of leaf and litter vacuums. Leaves and debris are a massive challenge for grounds maintenance teams throughout schools, colleges, and other sites, with large external areas including car parks and factory buildings.

Schools and colleges need to recover leaves and debris to maintain safe walking areas for staff and students as well as ensuring access routes are clear. Our leaf collectors are perfect for this and are available in a choice of sizes to ensure easy use by caretaking and grounds maintenance staff, plus we have models designed for compact storage facilities.

Logistics or manufacturing firms often have the on-going problem of unwanted leaves blowing into the warehouse or factory facilities. Not only does this cause a health & safety issue but also compromises stock quality control. Leaf collectors are designed to aid in the quick and regular clean-up of unwanted leaves for depositing on a compost heap or other disposal area, ensuring business operations are not disrupted.

Leaves are not the only issue however, that grounds maintenance teams face. Glass bottles, drinks cartons, and other general debris are all potential hazards but thanks to the Billy Goat leaf and litter vacuum range, these can be quickly and easily dealt with.

The strong vacuumation power and generous bag capacity of the Billy Goat range handle a wide range of debris with ease making light work of car park or playground cleaning. We have a selection of sizes to choose from depending on specific site requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0116 254 6049 if you think a leaf or litter vacuum may be right for you.

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