Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers

Walk behind scrubber dryers are versatile floor cleaning machines for effective, fast cleaning of floor surfaces. The SMS range of walk behind floor scrubbers is comprehensive and incorporates small, medium and large push along models.

Small Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers:

These are very small floor cleaners, ideally suited to facilities such as offices, consultation rooms (such as in veterinary practices or doctors surgeries), school halls and places of worship. They can be as small as an upright vacuum cleaner in some instances and come in a choice of mains cable or battery models.

Medium Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers:

These mid-size floor scrubbers are most commonly found in commercial or industrial workplaces. They are usually battery powered but some models do offer a mains cable option, however all are designed to withstand the demands of a commercial working environment. Walk behind scrubber dryers of this size are ideally suited to shopping centres, hospitals, universities, supermarkets, sports halls, production plants and food processing sites.

Large Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers:

Large floor areas found in warehouse & logistics facilities, retail shopping complexes, factories, engineering plants, etc. require cleaning machines with powerful, large capacity performance to optimise productivity and cope with the demands of very dirty or high footfall areas. The SMS range of large walk behind scrubber dryers deliver all this and more.

We offer a choice of walk behind floor scrubbers so that we can tailor models to each individuals needs and budget. For example; the Viper range of pedestrian scrubber dryers are budget, no frills models designed for dirty, tough environments. They are simple in design with minimal electronics, yet still deliver on cleaning power. The Nilfisk brand is a well-known and well established name in the industry,  trusted for its durability, reliability and enhanced functionality, and rightly so! It remains our best-selling brand within the walk behind scrubber dryer range. Factory Cat is very well known in the US but has a growing presence here in the UK. The Factory Cat range are the belt and braces of the industry, built to last and work harding, especially in really tough, dirty industry sectors.

To summarise, whether you need a low cost walk behind floor cleaning machine or an industrial pedestrian scrubber dryer for large area cleaning, SMS will have a solution to meet your commercial floor cleaning needs. If you require assistance choosing the correct model, call us on 0116 254 6049 and we can advise on which will be best suited to your requirements.