Large Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

SMS offers a wide range of walk behind scrubber dryer models including brands for really tough deep cleaning. Our range of scrubber dryers include the market leading and trusted brands of Nilfisk, Viper and Factory Cat. Commercial and industrial scrubber dryer machines are perfect for use in warehouses, factories, production plants, shopping centres, airports and the like. The large tank capacities and wide scrubbing path of an industrial floor scrubber dryer ensures fast and efficient cleaning of large floor areas, maximising operator productivity and freeing staff up for more lucrative tasks.

The scrubber dryers we offer incorporate high performance battery packs to deliver long run times. A choice of brush decks ensure customers can select the ideal industrial scrubber dryer for their needs. Choose between a disc scrub deck for smooth, flat floor cleaning and excellent brush pressure, or a cylinder scrub deck with counter rotating brushes to cope with uneven floors and small amounts of debris. If you are uncertain about which type of walk behind scrubber dryer is most suitable for your workplace, don’t hesitate to call us and one of our knowledgeable team will be able to talk you through the pros and cons of each and which model we would recommend for your particular application.

We have cherry picked the best of the best to represent and incorporate into our product portfolio. To summarise the key differences between the scrubber dryers we choose to offer, please see below:

NILFISK: Synonymous with high performance cleaning, excellent build quality, reliability and cost efficient maintenance. The Nilfisk industrial scrubber dryer range is one of the best, if not the best available on the market.

VIPER: A sister brand to Nilfisk, Viper is the simplified, no frills option. There are other “budget” walk behind scrubber dryer brands on the market, but none have the back-up support of a proven, established brand name such as Nilfisk. These industrial cleaning machines are well built, reliable and have an extremely low total cost of ownership with parts widely available too.

FACTORY CAT: Tough, durable industrial scrubber dryer machines. The Factory Cat range is not as pretty as some other models, and is more expensive, however they are well built using quality components resulting in an industrial floor scrubber dryer designed to last.

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