Medium Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

We offer a range of mid-sized walk behind floor scrubbers that are perfect for schools, colleges, small warehouses, factories, workshops, hospitals, and more. Perfectly designed, these pedestrian cleaning machines have adequate tank capacities to clean for appropriate periods without the need to refill. Likewise, battery capacity and scrub deck width have all been thoughtfully calculated to ensure optimum cleaning results in the most efficient way, saving you time and money.

Take the Nilfisk SC500 scrubber dryer for example, this is one of our premium mid-sized walk behind floor scrubbers with money saving features such as automatic water and detergent flow and Ecoflex to allow water only cleaning with extra water, pressure, and detergent in the areas just where you need it. A truly versatile pedestrian cleaning machine that offers consistent, high quality results in a compact and affordable form.

For those with a more limited budget and simpler requirements, our range of walk behind scrubber dryers also has lower cost options such as the Viper AS5160 and Nilfisk SC530 B. Both models deliver excellent cleaning results and have large tank capacities for lengthy cleaning between refills. They are robust, reliable and deliver clean, dry floors every time, simply without the bells and whistles found with more expensive models such as the Nilfisk SC500 or Factory Cat Mini HD. These basic models are perfect for workshops and smaller factories that just want simple, no-fuss pedestrian cleaning machines that are easy to use and low cost to maintain.

Most walk behind floor scrubbers of this size have disc scrub decks, but we do have the Nilfisk BA551CD which incorporates a cylinder deck making it ideal for uneven or tiled floors, or areas where a pre-sweep may be beneficial such as in a factory with stray nuts and bolts on the ground.

Whichever model you choose, from the no frills, lower cost options through to all singing, all dancing premium lines, you can be confident in the build quality, performance, and reliability. At SMS we select only models from the most reputable and trustworthy brands on the market and back that up with our professional, friendly and dedicated customer support and service.

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