Small Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

Small scrubber dryers are perfect for cleaning smaller floor areas or areas which are congested with furniture, plants or machinery. The SMS range of small floor scrubbers incorporate very small upright vacuum style floor cleaners through to commercial/industrial floor scrubbers in compact dimensions.

For very small areas such as waiting rooms, offices, reception areas and small coffee shops, the upright Nilfisk SC100 upright scrubber dryer and SC250 micro scrubber dryer are ideal. Historically, these types of areas would have been cleaned with a mop and bucket, however for high footfall areas such as these, a mop and bucket is slow, unhygienic and a potential health and safety risk from slips and trips. Thankfully, floor scrubbers such as the Viper AS380 are cost effective alternatives delivering three key benefits:

1) They put down water & detergent and scrub the floor clean.

2) They recover all the water leaving floors clean, dry and immediately ready for use (avoiding slips).

3) They are compact for easy storage.

The small upright design makes them easy to navigate around obstacles, under furniture and around desks, and with a simple design they are easy to use and low cost to maintain.

Small scrubber dryers such as the Factory Cat MicroMag or Nilfisk SC401, lend themselves to slightly larger facilities of around 1000 sq m. For example, these floor cleaning machines would be ideal for workshops or garages, leisure centres, school halls and other facilities with high footfall. Being slightly larger in size they can clean for longer periods and have larger tank capacities for clean and dirty water making staff more productive.

The SMS range of small scrubber dryers have been specifically selected for their performance and durability ensuring value for money for our customers. Our core brands are Nilfisk, Viper and Factory Cat, however, we do also supply Numatic and Tennant models too, which are also popular trusted brands. Thanks to our strong service arm, we have in depth knowledge of how the different scrubber dryer brands perform and how reliable they are, so we can cherry pick the best of the best to deliver to our customers.

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