Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

A quality ride on scrubber dryer can really make a difference to productivity in the workplace by cleaning large floor areas fast, freeing staff time for other, more profitable tasks. Ride on floor cleaners come in a variety of sizes, and the SMS range incorporates a broad range to deliver the best results in a range of working environments.

Compact Single Disc models: This size of ride on scrubber dryer has been designed for smaller floor areas or area that are more congested, so a large machine would be too cumbersome to navigate around a plant and machinery. For example, the Nilfisk SC2000 is highly popular in schools for cleaning sports halls quickly between classes.

Compact ride on scrubber models are also popular with sites that don’t need a “ride on” floor cleaner, but perhaps have an older member of staff who needs to do the cleaning and would prefer them to be able to sit and drive rather than walk throughout the cleaning process.

Premises likely to benefit from a compact ride on floor scrubber are schools, leisure centres, supermarkets, hospitals, bus and train stations.

Larger Twin Disc models: The larger end of the ride on product range offers a selection of twin brush machines to clean large areas fast. Ideally suited to facilities such as warehouse and logistics, factories, food production/processing plants, large shopping centres and retail outlets to name but a few.

The larger scrubber dryers not only have a wider cleaning path to cover the ground more quickly, they also have a larger battery capacity to deliver a longer run time and larger tank capacities to allow for increased periods of cleaning between empty/refills. Models include the Nilfisk BR652 with a 610mm cleaning path and 80 litre tanks, or at the larger end of the scale, the Factory Cat XR or Nilfisk SC6500 ride on scrubber dryers with wide cleaning paths of up to 1300mm and 265 litre tanks.

With larger scrubber dryers there are also different brush decks to consider. The most commonly used is the Disc brush deck with large flat round brushes which give a deep clean over a broad surface area and are ideal for most flat floor surfaces. However, where floors are uneven or tiled, customers can sometimes benefit from a cylinder style brush deck which has cylinder brushes which counter rotate. Cylinder brushes have less surface contact with the floor but deliver better results in certain situations. It is important to select the correct brush deck for your requirements but SMS can help advise you on this, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure in any way.

As with all our product lines, SMS choose only the best, most reliable and productive brands for our range, and as such we focus primarily on the Nilfisk, Viper and Factory Cat ride on scrubber dryer models, as these are proven leaders in the field.

For help on which model is right for you, please drop us a line and we will be very happy to offer friendly guidance and advice.