Compact Ride on Floor Scrubbers

There are occasions when you don’t necessarily need a ride on scrubber dryer, but you might want one. This is where compact ride on floor scrubbers are the perfect solution. For example; the floor area to be cleaned may be small enough for a mid-sized pedestrian scrubber to handle but your cleaning operator has a disability or limiting factor which makes walking around for lengthy periods impractical. A compact ride on floor scrubber will remove the need for pedestrian operation, but at the same time, will not be over-sized with regards to battery or tank capacity.

Choose from a Chariot stand on scrubber dryer design such as the Nilfisk SC1500 or, for real operator comfort, select one of our sit on and ride models such as the Nilfisk SC2000, Viper AS530R, or the Factory Cat Pilot micro rider. All these compact ride on floor scrubbers incorporate small dimensions and tight turning circles to allow for high mobility in more congested areas, plus are usually able to fit into most standard lifts and doorways. The deck size on these compact floor machines is usually around 530mm / 20” so has a very similar footprint to a walk behind model.

We have supplied these compact cleaning machines into a range of customer sites but they are particularly popular with schools and colleges for cleaning sports halls and other campus facilities. They are also favoured in shopping centres with smaller retail areas and council sites such as indoor markets.

Robustly and thoughtfully constructed, these ride on cleaning machines may be compact but have been designed to ensure ample leg room for operators to sit comfortably for long periods of time. The control panels are intuitive and simple to use with minimal training required – often with simple one-touch button operation.

So, for efficient cleaning of medium sized floor areas, a compact ride on scrubber dryer is most definitely worth consideration with models well suited to retail, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. For further help and advice on which model will best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch by chat, phone us on 0116 254 6049, or email and we will be happy to help.

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