An industrial floor sweeper can be an invaluable tool for the upkeep and maintenance of commercial premises. There are two main categories that these sweepers fall into; walk behind (A.K.A. pedestrian) and ride on. Let’s consider where each may be most useful:


Pedestrian sweeping machines can either be manual or motor powered. The manual option is a low cost solution for smaller areas to quickly and efficiently pick up debris and litter that would otherwise be swept up with a broom, just far more efficiently. With very few working parts and a mechanical design, manual sweepers are a simple, low cost solution for garages, workshops, schools, forecourts, and the like.

Battery or petrol walk behind pedestrian sweepers have their own power supply and drive, making them perfect for larger areas of sweeping with less fatigue on the operator. Consideration needs to be given as to whether you want to sweep indoors and/or outdoor as petrol models are not suitable for indoor use for obvious reasons, but they do have the added advantage of being able to run for very long periods of time if sweeping outdoor areas.


As the name would suggest, a ride on industrial floor sweeper has the ability to sit on and drive. This is usually combined with larger hopper capacity and longer run times for battery models making them ideal for large area sweeping in warehouses, multi-storey car parks, and retail facilities. Again, most brands offer a choice of battery, petrol, or LPG models.

When considering which floor sweeper is right for your business, it is important to take the above features into account and ask yourself where do you primarily want the sweeper to be used, how long for, and how large is the area to be swept. Are there any narrow isles or doorways to consider and how/where will you dispose of the litter recovered. Would you benefit from a hydraulic hopper for example if emptying into a high level disposal unit?

One final thing to consider when choosing an industrial floor sweeper is, how flat is the floor surface, as most floor sweepers are designed for flat floor sweeping such as warehouses or concrete car park areas, and are not built with any form of suspension to cope with uneven ground and curbs, etc. If you are looking for something to sweep uneven, rugged, outdoor spaces, then you would be better served considering a road sweeper, as these are designed for this type of activity and come with built-in suspension for that very reason.

SMS has years of experience selling, servicing, and maintaining industrial sweeping machines in a range of environments, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any help and advice.