Commercial Dry Vacs

Dry vacuums are widely used in the cleaning industry and particularly by cleaning contractors and facilities companies, but equally by millions of small businesses across the UK. Many companies favour the compact, easy to transport cylinder vacuum cleaners (A.K.A. Tub Vacs) and we have plenty to choose from in our range, but we also offer our proven and tested commercial upright vacuum cleaner models such as the Nilfisk VU500 and the Nilfisk GU 700A.

To many, dry vacuums are pretty much standard across the board and probably give very little thought to which model they purchase, however, there are subtle differences and models designed to suit certain site requirements such as HEPA or non-HEPA filtration, motor power, weight, eco-mode option, and bag capacities. The SMS range of commercial vacuums incorporates a wide range of models allowing for different budgets and preferences. For example, our choice of HEPA vacuums offer a range of bag capacities from 10-15 litres plus a heavy duty steel container with the Nilfisk VP930. Not to mention, our award winning Nilfisk VP600 is available with mains cable or cordless battery with A-rated energy labelling and super low sound level.

For those who prefer a commercial upright vacuum cleaner, we also offer customer choice. The Nilfisk VU500 comes in a choice of head sizes complete with HEPA filter as standard and automatically adjusting brush head to ensure a consistent clean across different floor surfaces. Furthermore, for large area vacuuming requirements, such as in conference/exhibition centres and hotels, etc, the Nilfisk GU700A wide area vacuum cleaner gets the job done fast.

Where maximum freedom is required, such as in cinemas, theatre auditoriums, or aeroplanes for example, our Nilfisk GD5 back pack range has you covered. This super compact back-back vacuum comes with either battery or mains cable, optional HEPA filter, and benefits from best in class charge time and sound level. Additionally, for aircraft cleaning requirements, the GD5 FLY model complies with all relevant aviation regulations.

To summarise, dry vacuums come in a range of shapes, sizes, specifications, and power options to suit a wide range of cleaning needs and budgets. For further help and advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

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