Industrial Vacuums

SMS supply a range of heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner models to suit a variety of applications. Commercial and industrial workplaces often require specialist vacuum cleaners to safely recover materials, be them solid or liquid. Ensuring you are providing staff with appropriate filtration, accessories and zone of vacuum is essential to ensure your responsibilities under health & safety regulations. The vacuum cleaner brand Nilfisk (both grey line and blue-line) are the leading names within the industry with a history of reliable and trustworthy performance ensuring 100% customer confidence.

Heavy Duty Industrial vacuum cleaner models are generally split into the following categories;

Single Phase Industrial vacs: These vacuums are primarily used for non-continuous cleaning of general areas recovering both wet and dry materials from floors, equipment and machinery as well as overhead pipes etc.

Explosion-Proof Industrial Vacs: Designed for use in specifically zoned ATEX environments where potentially combustible dust is being recovered or has the potential to be recovered, for example: flour, cereals, sugar, starch, animal feed, coal, light metals, plastics and textiles.

Hazardous Dust Industrial Vacs: Divided into three categories of low risk, medium risk and high risk hazardous dust, these vacuums ensure correct filtration when recovering dusts that are considered a risk to health.

Oil & Swarf Industrial Vacs: As the name would suggest, these vacuum cleaners have been developed for engineering type industries that are recovering either large volumes of oil, swarf or both and may want the ability to extract valuable liquids for recycling.

The above industrial vacuum cleaners are those most commonly used by the majority of industries, however there are some very specialized industrial vacuums which we can also supply including: pneumatic conveyors, compressed air vacuums, food, pharmaceuticals and OEM vacuums and three phase wet & dry models.

All the above types of heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner can be tailored to meet specific site requirements with a range of add-ons and accessories from extension poles to floor tools, equipment cleaning kits and brushes not to mention HEPA and NOMEX filters. The Nilfisk vacuum cleaner  range is all-encompassing, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website. If you tell us your requirements, we can send a specific quote to meet your needs as it is not feasible to put all makes, models and variables on our website.