Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuums

An industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a valuable tool for a range of tradespersons and businesses alike. Unlike a dry vacuum cleaner which is not suitable for recovering any wet spillages, our range of industrial wet vacuums have been specifically designed and built to ensure the safe recovery of both wet and dry material. Thanks to their dual-purpose design, industrial wet vacuums can be both space and cost-efficient too, as a result of needing only one vacuum to do a multitude of cleaning tasks.

We have something for everyone, with small, compact yet robust, industrial wet pick-ups, perfect for tradespeople such as plumbers or car valeters, who move from site to site. Examples include the Nilfisk Aero 21 or 26 and the Nilfisk ATTIX 30, both of which are compact, reliable, and affordable. For factories, workshops, or other commercial sites, we can supply larger heavy duty industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner models that incorporate additional features such as twin motor performance and sturdy steel trolley systems for easy manoeuvrability. The Nilfisk IVB is a great example.

Single phase industrial vacs are usually used for non-continuous cleaning of manufacturing areas or by the commercial mobile trade. High reach kits can also be purchased to facilitate overhead cleaning of pipes, heating systems or eaves as well as external areas such as rooflines and guttering.

Choose from single motor, two, or three bypass motor vacuums depending on the performance power your cleaning task demands and combine this with either an automatic or semi-automatic filter cleaning system to ensure continuous high performance. All the industrial wet vacuums in our range have been thoughtfully designed with robust, sturdy castors for easy transportation as well as long-life durability, plus low noise levels for minimal disturbance of others working nearby.

Furthermore, our range boasts features such as softstart to safeguard against blown fuses, power tool take off and tools storage not to mention large washable PET filters and stainless steel sit-down containers. To summarise, the SMS industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner portfolio is fully comprehensive and is certain to have what you need.

In addition to the single phase wet and dry vacuums found within this section of our website, we also supply Health and safety Wet and Dry vacs for use in ATEX zoned areas and the recovery of Hazardous materials. If you need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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