Ride on Sanitizer Scrubber Dryers powered by ZERO3+

Chemical-Free Floor Cleaning

An all-in-one ride on sanitizing machine for effective scrubbing, drying and sanitizing of floors and other surfaces such as tables, washroom facilities, door handles, equipment & machinery.

  • Ride-on scrubber dryer for large area cleaning
  • Enjoy ZERO3 technology to produce Aqueous Oxide from water alone to achieve powerful floor cleaning results
  • Add disinfectant of your choice to the solution tank for use with the suction bar spray jet system
  • Use the spray gun connected directly to the solution tank for surface sanitization and disinfection
  • Antimicrobial tanks option while stocks last
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If you have watched the videos and read the information on the pedestrian sanitizer scrubber dryer page and are interested in this technology but need a ride on sanitizing machine, look no further as we have the solution. Enjoy all the features and benefits of the Scrubber Dryer Sanitization Package in a ride-on machine, including:

  • Zero3 Aqueous Ozone Technology delivering powerful water only cleaning to the scrub deck of the cleaning machine
  • Spray Wand connected to the solution tank of the machine with added sanitizer product added
  • Rear Spray Bar connected directly to the solution tank with added sanitizer product added

Watch this video below to see the spray bar system in action:

Ride on Sanitizing Machine Key Features at a Glance

  • Multi-Use: A scrubber dryer AND a sanitizer all in one ride on sanitizer machine
  • Cost Saving: Produce Aqueous Ozone powerful cleaning solution from tap water (delivered to scrub deck only)
  • Durable: Urethane squeegee option to withstand the power of Ozone cleaning
  • Effective: Proven TOMCAT scrubber dryer cleaning performance
  • Environmentally Friendly: Water only floor scrubbing
  • Versatile: Tailor the ride on sanitizing machine to meet your specific needs


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