Whilst its suits some businesses to purchase all cleaning equipment outright, there are some business models that prefer to either lease or hire equipment, in fact, leasing is probably the most popular method of financing new equipment these days. You can finance almost any piece of cleaning equipment with a value of £1000 upwards, such as scrubber dryers, floor sweepers, pressure washers, industrial vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and utility machines. Plus, smaller, lower-cost items such as buffers, burnishers, commercial vacs, etc. can be combined into a single finance arrangement.


  • No upfront costs (down-payments optional)
  • Regular fixed payments
  • Flexible terms
  • Preserving credit lines & overdrafts
  • Have the best cleaning equipment for your business needs rather than the cheapest
  • Upgrade equipment when needed
  • Tax benefits (lease rental payments are 100% tax-deductible against profits for the full duration of the lease agreement, unlike purchased equipment which has a depreciation value.)


SMS can also offer short-term floor sweeper and scrubber dryer hire to assist with ad-hoc cleaning tasks or to provide cover when your own cleaning equipment has failed and is in need of repair. Our scrubber dryer hire fleet encompasses mid-sized pedestrian machines such as the Nilfisk SC500 through to ride on scrubbers such as the BR850S.

Likewise, if it’s sweeper hire you require, we can provide walk-behind battery sweepers such as the Nilfisk SW750 or for larger ride-on sweeper rental you could consider our SW5500 with hydraulic hopper.

These short-term hire agreements are flexible, with a minimum hire period of 1 week which can often be extended should you require, as we know that sometimes cleaning tasks don’t always go as planned. As a result, short-term equipment hire can be a cost-effective way to manage unexpected cleaning demands.

Interested in Scrubber Dryer/Sweeper Lease or Hire?

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Our scrubber dryer and floor sweeper hire fleet is available for delivery throughout mainland England including Cumbria, Yorkshire and the North East, East and West Midlands, London, the South of England, Devon and Cornwall.