Combination Sweeper Scrubbers

Combination sweeper scrubber cleaning machines are truly versatile, delivering a vacuum sweeper and a scrubber dryer in one piece of equipment. This type of combination machine is perfect for heavy duty cleaning tasks over large and diverse areas for example in airports, manufacturing facilities, logistic operations, multi-story carparks and large retail parks.

The principle of a sweeper scrubber is that the machine can be used as a floor sweeper alone for dry sweeping purposes such as to recover pallet shards from a warehouse or general debris from a car park, but then also work independently as a scrubber dryer for areas which require a wet scrub to remove dirt, grease and grime and also for wet recovery after a leak or spillage, for example.

Due to the nature of these types of cleaning machine they are often used in external areas and as such are available in LPG, Diesel and Battery Hybrid models to ensure sufficient run time for the demands required of them. There are few, truly proven and reliable combination floor scrubber sweepers available in the marketplace and there is currently only one which we have complete confidence in selling and that is the Nilfisk CS7010 combination cleaning machine.

A combination sweeper scrubber is a highly complex machine which usually encompasses a power hungry, high maintenance hydraulic system. However, the Nilfisk CS7010 is advanced in its technology and has moved away from the traditional hydraulic system reservoirs, filters and oil coolers, not to mention the leak-prone hydraulic hoses, pumps, valves and motors, and instead they have replaced it with state-of-the-art, electric drive technology. The benefit of this intelligent electric system is its low maintenance and therefore reduced cost of ownership.

SMS has experience of selling and servicing combination sweeper scrubbers, however not all cleaning equipment service dealers do. Large cleaning machines such as the Nilfisk CS7010 are far more complex than a standard scrubber dryer or sweeper and as such need a company with specialist knowledge to be able to properly support, service and maintain them. If you are considering the purchase of a combination cleaning machine, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you start your journey and be there to support you throughout the life of the machine.

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