Refurbished & Ex Demo Cleaning Machines

Sharpe Maintenance Services (SMS) has an excellent reputation in the industry for the refurbished and ex-demo cleaning machines we produce, in particular refurbished scrubber dryers and refurbished sweepers. It is important to note that an SMS reconditioned floor-cleaning machine is not to be compared with most, if not all, others on the market. Meticulous attention to detail makes SMS refurbished scrubber dryers and sweepers mechanically sound as well as visually appealing.

SMS also sell second-hand machines such as used walk-behind floor scrubbers and used ride on sweepers for sale to buyers who need something at a lower price without the same high quality refurbishment as a fully reconditions unit.

If you are looking to purchase a refurbished floor scrubber/sweeper, we have a key piece of advice:


Sadly, the term “refurb” is often, too loosely used and there are a lot of sub-standard machines sold in the market place with a lot of misleading information. There is a big difference between a refurbished machine and a used item, whether it is a used walk behind floor scrubber or used ride on sweeper, therefore it is important to establish if it really is a refurb you are buying.

When considering refurbished cleaning machines ask the following question:

“What are they able to confirm IN WRITING has been refurbished or replaced?”

Any company not prepared to put this down in writing is most likely selling a used machine that has had a service and a good clean, not a refurbishment.

At SMS, we stand by the information we provide and customers are welcome to question us on any of the details provided. Our definition of refurbishment is that the six main items on a machine MINIMUM should either be replaced or refurbished as follows:

• New Battery Pack (is a must)
• Drive/Drive Wheel Assembly (in most cases)
• Scrub Deck
• Lifting Gear Actuators (scrub deck/suction bar)
• Mechanicals including wheel bearings, steering, etc.
• Electrics

Ex-demo cleaning machines fall somewhere in-between in that they are usually much younger used scrubber dryers or sweepers that have only been used a handful of times for relatively short periods. If this is the case, they should offer good value for money but often come with the existing battery pack which can be an unknown quantity, however most ex-demo machines for sale will have new consumables such as brushes and squeegee blades.

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