Floor Scrubber Dryers

A scrubber dryer is a valuable asset for any company with floor areas that receive high footfall throughout the day. Floor scrubber dryers are no longer only required by large warehouses and logistics firms with vast areas of open floor space to clean on a daily basis; the cleaning machine market has evolved to design cleaning equipment for companies of all sizes from small veterinary practices or corner shops through to large production facilities and everything in-between.

From our hands on experience in the field working on numerous scrubber dryer models, we are able to cherry pick the leading brands such as Nilfisk, Viper and Factory Cat scrubber dryers. These leading manufacturers give us complete confidence that their machines are reliable, hardworking and cost efficient with a good UK support network and easy access to parts – all of which are critically important when selecting which floor scrubber dryer to purchase.

Nilfisk Scrubber Dryers are a premium brand in the industry with over 114 years’ experience of designing and building high quality, sophisticated cleaning machines that are both durable and productive. The Nilfisk UK support network for key sales and service dealers such as ourselves is excellent and parts are widely and readily available.

Viper Scrubber Dryers are a sister brand to Nilfisk, so share the same knowledge, expertise and support network with quality research and development processes. The Viper brand has a much more simplistic design, built for tough dirty environments with simple features and minimal electronic parts. The result of which is a lower purchase price as well as low on-going cost of ownership.

Factory Cat Scrubber Dryers are a younger brand, established in the USA in 1986, but in the past decade they have established a place within the UK floor scrubber dryer market. The ethos of Factory Cat cleaning equipment is to use heavy duty components and powerful motors to achieve outstanding results in the toughest of environments. Models such as the Minimag and Magnum are durable in heavy industrial environments for even the most demanding of industrial floor cleaning.

Each floor scrubber dryer has its own set of features and benefits which makes them perfectly designed for specific applications. If you are considering purchasing a scrubber dryer, SMS can offer independent help and advice to ensure you spend your budget wisely and are happy with the end result, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.