The SMS range of Matrix Steamer machines is fully comprehensive offering a choice of models for a range of applications. Steam generators provide deep cleaning to sanitize and destroy germs and dirt on a range of surfaces, and you can choose from models incorporating steam only, steam and detergent, or steam, detergent, and vacuumation.

Why choose Steam Cleaning?

The use of steam to clean surfaces in certain situations can prevent the spread of contagious diseases that are extremely common in communal facilities such as schools, nurseries, and care homes, or where hygiene is essential such as food manufacturing or food handling areas. Traditional cleaning methods rely on water and detergent, which can be effective in some applications if carried out correctly with all residue thoroughly removed from the surface. However, the reality is that this is rarely the case and although it can’t be seen, dirt and bacteria remain on surfaces and then duplicate rapidly.

The high temperature of steam cleaning kills bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms, even down into pores of the polluted surface (e.g. fabric on chairs). By doing so, the bacteria is removed leaving a hygienically clean surface with no risk of reproduction.

There is an environmental benefit too as by switching to steam, where appropriate, water usage is reduced by up to 95%. Furthermore, when using the steam only method you can also save on detergent costs.

Why choose a Matrix Steamer?

The Matrix brand is well established in the market since they launched in 2001, and as a company that specialises in Steam generators only, they are experts in their field. The range of steamers they build have been designed with many years’ experience working with hospitals, schools, commercial premises, food processing plants, shopping centres, care homes, and more. Matrix also use what they called “dry steam” as their products produce a low moisture, high temperature steam that carries around 6% water. The advantage of this is very little water is used plus surfaces are not left wet after steam cleaning.

Most commonly we sell commercial steamers which are 240v or 110v, however industrial models are also available within the Matrix range offering 380v and 3 phase options.

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