Floor scrubber and sweeper service

SMS deliver cost effective floor scrubber and sweeper service and repairs as well as other commercial cleaning equipment repairs.  For example, vacuum and buffer power cable and vac motor replacements commonly needed by cleaning contractors, schools and hospitals where large volumes of cleaning equipment including scrubber dryers, sweepers, vacuums, buffers, carpet cleaners, steamers and more are used on a daily basis.

Our Service Engineers are trained to an extremely high standard and our floor scrubber service and floor sweeper service plans are very thorough. When we service your floor cleaning machine, the objective is that your operators will notice a real improvement in cleaning performance. We see it time and time again where customers have a floor scrubber “maintenance plan” in place with another service company, which initially seems good value for money, but actually the scrubber dryer never performs any better as the quality of the cleaning machine service is compromised with the Engineer being under pressure to get to the next job, rather than servicing the scrubber dryer to the best of their ability.

SMS Cleaning Equipment Service and Maintenance

Why choose SMS to service your floor scrubber or sweeper?

An SMS floor scrubber service or floor sweeper service is different; we believe you are only as good as your last job and our customers genuinely matter to us, so we will never cut corners and will always do our best for you. Additionally, SMS Engineers are confident in servicing large scrubber dryers, large sweepers and combination cleaning machines. A lot of service dealers are only truly knowledgeable on the small to mid-sized scrubber dryer and sweeper models and so struggle to fully service and maintain larger site requirements. Thanks to our broad knowledge base, our team can service most cleaning machine makes, models and types including smaller floor care equipment such as vacuums, buffers and steam cleaners enabling us to confidently manage all your cleaning machine service and repairs.

Scrubber dryer or sweeper service or repair?

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Geographical locations covered

We sell nationwide, however predominantly we cover the Midlands region for scrubber and sweeper servicing. That said, we travel outside these areas with customers as far North as Leeds, Doncaster and the Wirral and South down into Hertfordshire and London, provided there is sufficient floor cleaning equipment on site to maintain. If you are interested in our services and are outside the Midlands area, please do give us a call to see if we can help as circumstances do vary.

If we are not in a position to help you directly, we may be able to put you in touch with another, reputable Company who can.