SMS offer scrubber dryer, sweeper and pressure washer service and maintenance as well as general repairs to other cleaning equipment such as vacuums, buffers, carpet cleaners etc. Our Engineers are trained to an extremely high standard and our service plans are thorough. When we service your cleaning equipment, our objective is that your operators will notice a real improvement in machine performance. We see it time and time again where customers have a “maintenance plan” in place with one of our competitors, which initially seems good value for money, but actually the machine never performs any better as the Engineer is eager to get off site to the next job, rather than servicing the machine to the best of their ability.

This is where SMS is different; we are only as good as our last job and our customers genuinely matter to us, so we will never cut corners and will always do our best for you.

Additionally, SMS Engineers are confident in servicing large scrubber dryers, large sweepers and combination cleaning machines. A lot of service dealers are only truly knowledgeable on the small to mid-sized scrubber dryer and sweeper models and so struggle to fully service and maintain larger site requirements.

SMS Cleaning Equipment Service and Maintenance

A service company you can trust

Two thirds of our business is service based be that helping a customer with a scrubber dryer breakdown where an urgent turnaround is needed or carrying out regular planned maintenance of a sweeper to help minimise downtime, increase productivity and ultimately save our customers’ money.  As such, SMS customers have peace of mind that our Engineers will not condemn a cleaning machine unnecessarily to try to sell a replacement; if it is possible to cost effectively repair a machine, we will do, but if we feel this money would be better spent by investing in a new scrubber dryer, sweeper or pressure washer for example, then we will advise accordingly.

It is also common place in the cleaning machine industry to pay engineers commission on parts fitted! We cannot stress enough that NONE of our Engineers are paid commission on parts fitted; we think this is unethical and could lead to abuse of the system. With SMS, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Where applicable, all work carried out is inspected and electrically tested to IEE code of practice standards by fully trained technicians with many years’ experience on a broad spectrum of cleaning equipment manufacturer makes and models.

Have cleaning equipment that needs servicing?

SMS are specialists with industrial and commercial scrubber dryers, sweepers, pressure washers and other floor cleaning machinery - large and small.


Geographical locations covered

Predominantly we cover the Midlands region however we do travel outside these areas with customers in Leeds, Doncaster and Wirral in the North and Hertfordshire and London in the South, provided there is sufficient machinery on site to maintain. If you are interested in our services and are outside the Midlands area, please do give us a call to see if we can help as circumstances do vary.

If we are not in a position to help you directly, we may be able to put you in touch with another, reputable Company who can.