Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners are the main stay of routine cleaning in many working environments as well as in the home. Choose from our professional range of dry vacuum cleaners and wet and dry vacuum cleaners for your day-today cleaning needs. Furthermore, for industrial applications, we have a broad range of industrial models including swarf vacuum cleaners which are particularly useful in engineering and metal processing plants.

COMMERCIAL DRY VACUUMS: Incorporating cylinder style commercial vacuum cleaners (A.K.A. Tub Vacs) as well as Upright and Wide Head models to suit individual cleaning needs. Our range includes the award winning battery/cordless vacuum Nilfisk VP600 as well as the popular Numatic battery vacs and our “no frills” Viper DSU HEPA commercial vacuum cleaners in a choice sizes. For true on-the-go cleaning we have the Nilfisk GD5 back pack vacuums ensuring there is a reliable solution for every application and budget.

COMMERCIAL WET & DRY VACUUM CLEANERS: Stable, robust wet & dry vacs in a choice of sizes including large 75 litre models with a tilt container feature for easy and safe emptying. Perfect for multi-use environments including spot cleaning of minor floods or spillages as well as wet recovery after pressure washing or wet buffing/scrubbing. Choose from our Viper LSU “no frills” budget models or the Nilfisk VL500 premium range, depending on your preference and budget.

INDUSTRIAL VACUUMS: For the heavy duty demands of industrial working environments we have a range of vacuum cleaners for heavy duty use including smaller wet & dry tub vacuums for tradespeople through to industry specific models such as Oil and Swarf vacuum cleaners for the Engineering industry, plus hazardous dust and ATEX models for zoned environments. Featuring the Blueline ATTIX range as well as the Greyline Nilfisk industrial vacuum collection covering a broad spectrum of industrial cleaning requirements.

Please do browse our range and if you need any assistance in identifying the right product for your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to guide you through the process.