The Coronavirus pandemic has bought sharp focus on the importance of cleanliness in the workplace. As well as thorough cleaning regimes, sanitisation can provide another level and longer lasting protection, especially for high contact areas. Our purpose-made sanitizer range of products will help protect the health of people in your workplace or property with minimal time and effort. Since Covid-19, organisations including The World Health Organisation (WHO) have issued guidance on how to minimize the spread of infection with effective cleaning and sanitisation.

Our product range incorporates compact, cost efficient, hand-held sanitizers such as the Fimap E-spray available in two versions: the Fimap electrostatic sprayer and the standard sprayer, depending on needs and budget.

For larger surfaces, equipment, or plant, we also offer the Fimap Ksanex portable sanitizer solution that is perfect for schools, colleges, leisure centres, and commercial outlets.

In the case of Coronavirus, the exact length of time Covid-19 can live on hard surfaces is not fully known. However, we do know that it spreads through respiratory droplets (for example from coughs or sneezes), and the laws of gravity ensure that these droplets end up on the floor which emphasises the fact that it is not just high level surfaces we need to be cleaning. Source: CDC Report Emerging Infectious Diseases.

This short video demonstrates how easily contagents are transferred from floors to other surfaces.

What can I do to protect our business premises?

Expert advice includes implementing regular environmental cleaning and disinfection practices. In many cases, cleaning with a well maintained scrubber dryer and detergent will be sufficient to tackle most floor cleaning situations; you can browse our range of scrubber dryers or find out about our Service & Maintenance plans, to ensure your machine is delivering optimum cleaning results.

For those who feel further floor sanitization is required, we can offer specific sanitizer scrubber dryer solutions that meet this need, but they are very specialised so please contact us if you feel this is something your business may benefit from.

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