Our purpose-made Sanitizer range of products will help protect the health of people in your workplace or property. Ongoing threats of infections such as the most recent COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic will always be present. Organisations including The World Health Organisation (WHO) have issued guidance on how to minimize the spread of infection with cleaning and sanitization.

The exact length of time coronavirus can live on hard surfaces is not known.  Spreads through respiratory droplets (for example from coughs or sneezes), the laws of gravity ensure that these droplets end up on the floor. Source: CDC Report Emerging Infectious Diseases.

This short video demonstrates how easily contagents are transferred from floors to other surfaces.

What can I do to protect our business premises?

Expert advice includes implementing regular environmental cleaning and disinfection practices. Simply cleaning a floor may not be effective enough to stop the spread of viruses. For this reason we have incorporated a range of dedicated sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning equipment within our product portfolio. Not to replace but to complement your floor cleaning regime.

In commercial premises, large areas need to be cleaned in a confined space of time. Having the right equipment to ensure quick efficient sanitization is critical which is where our range of Sanitizer products can help.

Click on the sections below to view our range of sanitizers. We have included small compact hand-held sanitizers through to push along and ride on scrubbing and sanitizing machines. On this basis, there should be something for everyone and if you would like any additional information or pricing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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