Mobile Pressure Washers

The SMS range of mobile pressure washers can perform in the toughest of cleaning situations. Mobile units come in a choice of cold or hot water, and vary in price, flow rates, bar, and voltage.

Cold water pressure washers are highly versatile, delivering low intensity routine cleaning through to heavy duty job specific tasks. The Nilfisk MC range, for example, is ideal for the building and construction, automotive, food, and agriculture industries.

Hot water pressure washers offer the same high quality performance but with the addition of a boiler to heat the water before ejecting from the lance which can be an advantage in certain cleaning situations.

High efficiency Eco Boilers

The Nilfisk MH range was the first in the industry to incorporate an EcoPower boiler system for reduced emissions, higher efficiency, and lower fuel costs. Efficiency levels of these models are still among the highest on the market at around 92%-93%. It is thanks to the double pass labyrinth coil design that allows a higher water temperature with lower running costs. Not to mention, the environmentally friendly eco-mode which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Our range only includes quality, proven brands such as Nilfisk and DTE. Available in a choice of pump pressures, tank sizes, inlet temperatures, and voltages including three phase. All models come as complete units including a range of accessories, and some incorporate additional features such as break tanks.

When choosing from the wide range of mobile pressure washers available, it is important to consider where you predominantly want to use the unit and how frequently. Some units are designed to be worked almost continuously for several hours a day and others only for 30 minutes at a time once or twice a week. Likewise, a cold water pressure washer can be used almost anywhere, however, if using a hot mobile wash you need to consider the fact that it incorporates a boiler which is burning fuel, so enclosed indoor applications would not be suitable for this type of machine.

Whilst we have a broad range of jet washers listed on our website, it is not the entire range we have available, so if you have a specific requirement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. For example, we also offer mobile units which are completely independent of electrical power, but are not currently listed on our site. Also, we only list commercial pressure washers on our website as this is what the majority of our customers require, however, we can supply a range of Nilfisk domestic pressure washer units as well, so if you are an end user that has a personal not business requirement, we can help, so do get in touch.

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