Static Pressure Washers

Static pressure washers (sometimes referred to as stationary pressure washers) are fixed installation units, often favoured by large commercial cleaning operations. Examples of where a static jet wash may come in useful are transport sites for washing down vehicles such as in a haulage firms, slaughter houses/abattoir buildings, or an industrial plant where metals are regularly degreased.

As with mobile pressure washer units, the static models come in a choice of cold or hot water units. Cold water solutions are often sought after in the agricultural and shipping industries, whereas hot water units are favoured where time is paramount as, depending on the type of dirt, hot water pressure washers can be up to 50% more efficient than cold and have a reduced drying time.

The SMS range of static pressure washers can be easily installed into many locations subject to a carefully planned and optimised piping system, ensuring easy access around the site. Stationary units offer numerous advantages, for example, they can be pre-set to your individual site needs and be located in an ideal location ready for immediate use at any given time.

The SC UNO 4M, is both a static and portable pressure washer unit as it can be easily carried from site to site using the robust stainless steel carrying handle or for permanent installation, fixed against a wall using the purpose designed installation plate.

Certain industries have specific requirements; the food industry being one example, and our pressure washers have been designed to meet industry standard criteria. For example, the Nilfisk SC UNO 5, 6, 7 and DUO models all incorporate an innovative foam cabinet. This foam material is approved for use in the food industry plus has the added benefit of a reduced noise level.

In addition to a selection of pump pressures, flow rates, dimensions, and temperature settings, our stationary jet wash range also offers a choice of single or multi-use options with the SC DELTA allowing up to 12 persons to work at any one time.

All the static pressure washers within the SMS range offer a variety of configurations to tailor to customer requirements. Furthermore they are built to be easy to operate and are attractively priced. All are highly durable, reliable and aim to reduce the overall cost of cleaning.

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