Walk Behind Floor Sweepers

Our range of Commercial and Industrial walk behind floor sweeper machines are designed to speed up and simplify the recovery of dust, debris and litter from large floor areas. Far more efficient than a broom, these pedestrian sweepers are a valuable asset to many. Walk behind sweepers vary in size and cost, so you can select the model to suit your exact cleaning requirements.

Push along floor sweepers: These are very simple, manual operated machines with very few internal moving parts; the result of which is a low cost sweeper which is simple to use and low cost to maintain, yet still highly efficient and perfectly adequate for many situations. Brooms are rotated by a simple gear system as the operator pushes the sweeper along, and with no motor present, noise levels are extremely low. Common features include an adjustable handle to allow for user comfort as well as compact storage and adjustable brush height.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, manual floor sweepers are far superior to sweeping with a broom; a manual sweeper will collect dust and debris up to six times faster. Additionally, all debris is collected directly into a hopper for easy emptying and prevents dust scatter from external sources before recovery, as is common with a broom system. Moreover, models that incorporate a built in filter also help to minimise exposure to dust.

The low cost, simple design and compact size make push along sweepers popular with schools, workshops, car parks, small factories, outside office buildings, pathways and garage forecourts, to name but a few.

Battery or petrol walk behind floor sweepers: Industrial walk behind floor sweeper models can also incorporate batteries or a petrol engine to deliver cleaning results more quickly and with less effort, making them especially useful for larger floor areas such as in warehouses or factories. The advantage of having battery or petrol power over mains 240v is that it gives users freedom to clean without cable restrictions, and thanks to on-board chargers, now common place in most machines, you can plug in and charge in multiple locations.

Many models are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications thanks to a wet-sweep bypass feature, and built in filtration ensures fine dust is recovered and retained as well as larger debris. The Nilfisk SW900, available in battery or petrol option, also incorporates an electric filter shaker for easy filter cleaning and continuous optimum performance. The combined features of drive power, high quality filtration, large hopper capacities, and ease of use make industrial floor sweepers common place in manufacturing and industry sites, factories, warehouses, conference and exhibition centres, and frequently seen being used by cleaning contractors to maintain the grounds of office complexes, tennis courts, and school playgrounds.

If you need advice selecting the best industrial walk behind floor sweeper for your needs, don’t hesitate to call us on 0116 254 6049 and we will be happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

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