Ride-on Sweepers

Ride-on Sweepers are large capacity cleaning machines to sweep up debris and dust across large floor areas, such as warehouse and logistics operations. Commercial and industrial ride on floor sweepers range in size. Smaller, compact models, such as the Nilfisk SR1000, are excellent if sweeping around narrow isles or in congested areas, where-as, a machine such as the Nilfisk SW8000 will sweep a path of 2 meters in a single pass. Our range is fully encompassing ensuring there is a sweeper that is right for all applications and budgets.

Lower cost options, such as the Nilfisk SR1101, come in a choice of battery powered or petrol engine, and incorporate a manual hopper/dumping system. This type of floor sweeper is popular in smaller warehouses, factories, colleges, and sports facilities.

For those with a larger available budget and more demanding site requirements, additional funds can obtain useful features such as a hydraulic hopper as well as a larger hopper capacity and sweeping path. A hydraulic hopper/dumping system makes emptying the recovered waste extremely quick and easy, not only beneficial for H&S lifting requirements, but also ensuring your operatives are as time efficient as possible. Again, most models come in a choice of battery power, petrol, diesel engine, or LPG.

Our range of ride-on sweepers can be further tailored to your site specific requirements with a choice of optional extras, depending on each particular model. For example, choose from a range of brushes to suit different floor types and levels of cleaning as well as selecting one or two side brooms. Overhead guards, safety beacons, wandering vacuum hoses, and headlights are just a few of the popular additions available. One particular option, which is extremely useful for high dust areas is the Dustguard misting system which dampens down the floor area as you are sweeping. This provides additional airbourne dust control for the user. Dry sweeping can be problematic resulting in dust being thrown up into the atmosphere from the sweeping action of the brooms, resulting in dust settling on products, and the Dustguard system helps to prevent this occurring.

All our ride-on floor sweepers are robust, highly productive and durable delivering excellent value for money and are certain to improve productivity on your site. We offer a range of payment options including outright purchase, lease hire and lease purchase over a choice of terms so please get in touch to receive a free quote.

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