All-in-One Industrial Vacuum Range

Introducing the All-in-One Industrial Vacuum range. A selection of purpose-built industrial vacuum cleaners for use in specific work environments.

Industrial vacuum solutions can be very confusing with numerous accessories to choose from. Adding on accessories one-by-one can also become quite expensive with every item priced separately. This is why we are pleased to be able to simplify things for those customers who have fairly standard industry requirements.

The All-In-One range offers complete industrial vacuums, ready to roll out of the box including accessories. The range covers the following industry sectors: General cleaning, Building & construction, Brewery/Distillery, Metal/Swarf or Metal/Liquid.

Obviously, if your needs are more specific then we can tailor specific industrial vacuum packages to meet your needs. If you would like help and advice, please get in touch by phone, email or web-chat. However, for those who like to keep things simple, the All-In-One Industrial vacuum range is perfect.

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