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Independent Dealer Vs Main Manufacturer

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Andrew Sharpe talks about the advantages of choosing an Independent Dealer, such as Sharpe Maintenance, over the main manufacturers.
As Nilfisk’s main dealer covering the Midlands region, Leicester and beyond, we at SMS (Sharpe Maintenance Services Ltd) specialise in the sales, service, repair and spares market of all Nilfisk floor care machinery. Expert specialists in the following scrubber drier models: BR850S, SC6000, SC6500 and and Nilfisk’s excellent SC8000.

When it comes to the real world regarding industrial cleaning equipment, Nilfisk technical information is among the best but, as a skilled Engineer and Owner of SMS – Nilfisk dealer based in Leicester covering Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, Northampton, London and more – I’ve found most Nilfisk sales literature to be just that – “Sales bumf” like all the other manufacturers! It will tell you tank about capacities, Nilfisk brush types and Nilfisk spares but your local Nilfisk dealer can do that and more, lots more – giving you a much more personalised, informative service – so please read on!

As a Nilfisk supplier, SMS floor care cleaning machine specialists not only specialise in Nilfisk Scrubber Driers and Nilfisk Sweepers but we have a huge amount of knowlegde and experience on other manufacturer makes of cleaning machinery whether it be Nilfisk Alto, Viper, Tennant, Factory Cat, Numatic or other scrubber driers or sweepers.

SMS could be described as the A-Z scrubber drier and sweeper sales and spares people covering scrubber driers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, buffing machines, carpet cleaners, pressure washers and a whole lot more. So if you have different manufacturers makes of cleaning equipment on your site, SMS can offer service and repairs for all of them, saving you money and keepoing things simple.

SMS is able to put “meat on the bones” when giving you the real in’s and out’s of any of our cleaning machinery; we keep it simple and we don’t employ sales reps – our Engineers and support team can go much deeper into the layers on what a Nilfisk BR 850S can do for you, the customer. We also don’t pay our Engineers any bonus to fit more parts during a repair or service – believe it or not, most of the main manufacters pay their fitters in this way which means bigger bills for you – think about this?

As a Nilfisk supplier and key dealer, SMS offer expert sales and service advice. We can also supply genuine Nilfisk spares from suction blades (squeegee blades) be them linatex, oil resisant or gum rubber for all models inc. Nilfisk SC500 and Nilfisk SC530 scrubber driers to battery sets and chargers for Nilfisk BR850S, SC6000 and SC6500 and service kits for all your Nilfisk cleaning machines. We promise will help you wherever we can, and if we can’t help directly, we’ll put you in touch with someone that can.

So, if you are struggling to choose the right Nilfisk cleaning machine to buy, call SMS today and put us to the test. Likewise, if your current scrubber dryer or sweeper needs a service or repair, remember as a local Nilfisk dealer we want to help you, so please get in touch.

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