Oil & Swarf Vacuums

Purchasing a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner is a big investment and getting the right machine to do the job is imperative. Oil vacuums and swarf vacuum cleaner models come in various guises to perform single or multiple tasks and as such can be tailored to suit individual budgets and requirements.

Perfect for Engineering plants; for example, the industrial vacuum cleaner models found in the NIlfisk “OIL” series are designed to recover cutting oil and emulsion along with metal shavings and swarf. The solid and liquid components can then be separated by macro-filtration allowing emulsion to be reused which is both good for the environment and good for business expenses.

If it is primarily a swarf vacuum cleaner you require with a small amount of oil then the Nilfisk VHS120 would be perfect; designed specifically to help with cleaning down of machine tools and surfaces recovering around 60% swarf/metal chips and 40% oil. On the other hand, if you have more liquid to recover and less solids you would be better served choosing one of our oil vacuums such as the Nilfisk VHO200 complete with an oil resistant accessory kit.

As always with our industrial vacuum cleaner options, you can choose from 230v or 110v (single phase) models as well as 415v (3 phase) solutions, in some cases. Not to mention a range of tank sizes, filters, accessories, and hoses.

One of the most common uses of our ECO-OIL range is in the engineering industry where machine tools are widely used. CNC machine tools use expensive oil/coolant to keep the cutting tool cool during operation and as such being able to recover and recycle this liquid is critical to keeping business overheads down. Therefore, having an industrial vacuum cleaner that can do this quickly and effectively is invaluable and well worth the investment. Simply speaking, any swarf recovered is retained in a chip basket and the liquids are allowed to fall through into the main container. This “liquid gold” (oil/coolant) can then be re-injected into the CNC machine tool for further use. What’s more, this injection process can be carried out at the same time as the recovery making it highly time and cost efficient.

To summarise, a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and swarf recovery is an invaluable asset to any business dealing with this type of material. Sourcing a reliable, efficient unit is essential. The SMS range is all encompassing and has a proven track record in the field, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information and a quotation – Contact Us

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